Quality that speaks for itself: high-quality fabrics made in Germany.

mobiltex is a brand of Schmitz Textiles GmbH + Co. KG, which is headquartered in Emsdetten, Germany, and is a subsidiary of Schmitz-Werke GmbH + Co. KG. As a family-run business with our production headquarters in Emsdetten, Germany, we are an expert partner when it comes to comprehensive textile solutions, both indoors and outdoors, and have been for over 90 years.

Some 280

An innovative company, Schmitz Textiles is a family-run business that manufactures textiles in Germany and puts the customer first. Our concept and strategy are characterised by entrepreneurial and sustainable activities at all levels. We are led by a binding and respectful approach, both internally and externally.


Innovations are born of dialogue – with customers and partners across the world. We work closely with research institutes and suppliers in order to keep our textile solutions at the technological cutting edge.

From yarn buying
to fabric

All of our products are manufactured on-site, from start to finish. From the design development stage right up until the fabric is ready to be sent off, we don’t skip over any of the stages of production. This allows us a high degree of flexibility in order to respond individually to our customers’ wishes and meet the high standards required for our products as well as the best quality.

120.000 m2
company premises

Since the beginning of our 90-year-old family tradition, we have been firmly rooted at our site in Emsdetten, Germany. This is where we manufacture our high-quality products according to international standards, with the help of 55 highly modern weaving machines – in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner.

All production stages under one roof


A team of designers develops our creative and stylish designs, whereas our technical specialists continuously enhance our pioneering applications and manufacturing processes.

An indispensable combination: to achieve the very best results, we always employ a combination of functional and aesthetically pleasing added value.


At mobiltex, all stages of production are under one roof – from the initial idea to delivery, each and every product comes to life in our textile plant. Each employee is an expert in their field and keeps a close eye on their stage of production.

As a result, we can monitor quality on an ongoing basis while responding flexibly to customer requests.

Certified and standardised

All raw materials undergo a multitude of quality assurance measures in our in-house test laboratory and are only processed further following approval by our quality control managers. In further stages of the production process, item-specific standards are adhered to and cross-referenced with defined testing criteria. Therefore, raw materials can be tracked throughout the production process, ensuring the quality and reproducibility of our products.

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