All three Schmitz Textiles brands at Techtextil/Texprocess 2019

From intelligent fabrics for automotive, aviation and rail through to absorbers and outdoor textiles: Schmitz Textiles, a subsidiary of Schmitz-Werke GmbH + Co. KG, will be showcasing the full spectrum of its textile expertise at Techtextil and Texprocess 2019. This expertise is reflected in the products of the company’s three brands: mobiltex, drapilux and swela. As a mobiltex highlight, this specialist in transport textiles will be unveiling an all-new fabric for convertible soft tops at the trade fair.

"We are focusing on the needs-driven improvement of existing items and the development of new ones."

Torsten WeißhaarImobiltex Sales Manager

The mobiltex brand has been building up its customer base ever since it was founded in 2017; it will continue to expand this customer base and its network. “We are focusing on the needs-driven improvement of existing items and the development of new ones,” explains Torsten Weißhaar, Sales Manager Automotive at mobiltex. Custom orders are one of the brand’s USPs: with the ongoing development of existing textiles, individual solutions are created which can then be put into serial production.

mobiltex 388 soft-top material

The highlight is an all-new soft-top fabric: mobiltex 388. This product exhibits far fewer white marks, creases, crow's feet, displaced threads and sink marks than similar fabrics available on the market. “Even if the convertible soft top is used frequently, the material has to fit precisely with the body of the vehicle. And this is the case with mobiltex 388. Thanks to its outstanding resilience, the material continues to fit perfectly with the supporting structure,” says Weißhaar.

As with the company’s other brands, production and customisation take place at the Emsdetten site. Here, it is also possible to order smaller quantities for special editions. This allows a multitude of designs.

„Our new innovation also results in commercial opportunities for the automotive industry“, points out Weißhaar. Special equipment such as folding mechanisms and pads become a thing of the past, whereas process times can be reduced. “It is also possible to optimise batch sizes and lead times, with further potential savings coming as a result of width optimisation.” Furthermore, the manufacturer is doing their bit for sustainability, as the fabric is recyclable.

Transport of the future.

mobiltex also has a part to play in the transport of the future: in collaboration with Texat decor engineering, the brand developed the intelligent fabrics that are being used in the “Ideas Train” project of German rail operator Deutsche Bahn. This project comprises a life-size, walk-in model of a double-decker carriage in which visionary interiors meet digital services. Functionality and design come together to create a cosy atmosphere in the passenger compartment. The fabric developed by mobiltex and Texat for roller blind systems can do more than conventional fabrics: the screen fabrics used are not only flame-retardant, but also feature air-purifying, antimicrobial and sound-absorbing properties.

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