State-of-the-art textiles with smart functions and an almost limitless range of automotive applications.

Thanks to our innovative excellence and specialist knowledge, we develop textiles and system solutions that are perfectly tailored to the many and varied challenges of the automotive industry – and that are hugely popular with high-end manufacturers.

Areas of use

We develop products in close consultation with our customers in order to ensure the best possible results. As a result, we develop high-quality fabrics that can be deployed pretty much anywhere in the vehicle:

Soft-top fabrics for convertibles

Thanks to unprecedented aesthetic and technical properties, mobiltex takes the quality of convertible soft-top fabrics to a whole new level.

mobiltex 388

  • - Outstanding resilience
  • - A lasting precision fit
  • - Fewer white marks
  • - Individual versions

Car cover fabric

Our waterproof car cover fabric reliably protects vehicles against dust, dirt, environmental influences and scratches.

Heat and light

Innovative textile heat and lighting elements not only make a visual impact, but also offer practical benefits for the automotive industry. For example, the vehicle headliner can be made to shine in mild light or the car seats (cover materials) may feature a heating function thanks to a special coating on the textiles.

Sun and glare protection

Sun and glare protection is an important factor when it comes to commercial vehicles. With blackout materials and screen fabrics, mobiltex has the right solutions.


  • - Fully opaque (blackout)
  • - Flexible glare protection (screen)
  • - Certified fire safety

Cover fabrics

mobiltex headrest and seat cover fabrics combine a fabric feel with maximum durability.

Individual solutions

Textiles can be used in various areas of mobility. We are prepared to meet your individual requirements.

Intelligent functions

In the mobile sector, textiles have to withstand tough conditions – day in, day out. With this in mind, we believe that they should do a lot more than just look the part. That’s why all out textiles boast intelligent additional functions. Some of them, for example, are flame-retardant and prevent the build-up of bacteria on the fabric. Air-purifying and noise-reducing properties built into the textiles also ensure a more pleasant ambient environment.


mobiltex textiles are flame-retardant and therefore play a key role in terms of boosting the fire safety of your product.


Besides their aesthetic appeal, mobiltex fabrics also boast noise-reducing properties and can therefore enhance ambient acoustics.


Thanks to the “bioaktiv” function, mobiltex textiles effectively combat germs and bacteria, meaning that they meet even the most stringent hygiene standards.


Studies show that the “air” function of mobiltex fabrics offer proven air-purifying properties that remove pollutants and ensure agreeable ambient air.

ambient acoustics

Reverberation times also play a role in the transport segment. mobiltex fabrics facilitate the audibility of cars, trains and planes.


It is disadvantageous for performance textiles to absorb moisture when in use. Thanks to their design and features, our fabrics are ready to repel.


We have fabrics that keep sunlight at bay, with flexible screen fabrics also allowing different degrees of opacity.


A fabric has to prove its mettle in the long term – and is exposed to a variety of stresses and strains. We factor this in to our construction and design – and ensure continuous quality in our process.


The build-up of electrical charge is undesirable for technical fabrics and impedes their performance. Here, at mobiltex, we use yarns that continuously counteract static charge thanks to special coatings and tools.


Materials found in cars, trains and planes – and their use by humans – can cause odours. mobiltex fabrics with odour-repellent properties can eliminate these odours – in a lasting and effective way.

Shaping the future together

Special customer requirements sometimes necessitate bespoke solutions. That’s why we won’t stop until we have found the best possible result for your particular needs. We are not satisfied with anything less.


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